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Katy Bray, guide to The Illuminated Path

Broadcast Bio

What can you do when you feel unbalanced? Where can you go when you don't feel well and your doctor says all is fine? What can you do when you know you want change, but you don't know where to start? Katy Bray is an intuitive life coach and intuitive healer who uses her talents to support people across the country live healthier and with full awareness, intention and purpose. She's an expert in holistic healing and spiritual growth and host of the live internet radio show Live with the Lights On, a one hour talk show about all things relevant to a spiritually centered and well life. 


Katy Bray is a medium, Kundalini Reiki Master, professional coach, intuitive healer and and ordained minister. She works with clients and her radio audience to support them in "Living with the Lights On" through self awareness, balance and boldness.  Contact her at Katy@LiveWithTheLightsOn.com

Full Length Bio

Katy Bray, guide to The Illuminated Path

Katy Bray lives with the lights on and her personal journey to a life of awareness, connection and action is what inspired her to create The Illuminated Path. But it wasn't an easy road.

At age 21, Katy lost 110 pounds and, in the process, she lost herself. Her new body was foreign to her. She felt disconnected. Not only from her physical being, but from her spirit and from the world.

The truth was that the woman she had been hiding with all the extra weight was too magnificent and too powerful to claim. It felt safer to hide from herself and live at a fraction of her potential than it was to embrace her true self and live at 100% fulfillment.

She was living in a self-imposed prison and it was time to get out.

The key to Katy's freedom was a simple realization the same simple realization she helps other powerful people in hiding make:

That there is a connection between mind, body and spirit; that awareness of that connection and balance within the whole is essential to creating a life of passion and possibility; and that the place of wholeness is the place of safety the firmest ground there is.

From that first step, there was no stopping Katy. Her own path was illuminated and she discovered her purpose: To help others liberate themselves from self-imposed prisons so that they may live authentically and powerfully in the world.

In between that first trickle of light to the bright, clear place Katy lives now, a lot seriously a lot happened. But what's most important is that during that time she did enough personal growth work and enough serious study to become fully capable of helping you reach the same illuminated place.

Today, Katy Bray is whole and evolving constantly. She shares with her clients her expertise in a wide variety of areas. She is medium, a Chopra Certified Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instructor and member of the Yoga Alliance, a Kundalini Reiki Master and member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, an intuitive healer, an EFT practitioner and an ordained Minister. She received her coaches training through The Coaches Training Alliance.

More importantly, Katy is mom to a beautiful and witty five year old and housekeeper to three dogs and a hamster.

She only turns off the lights to save electricity.

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