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Authenticity is the highest form is acceptance. Being authentic requires us to stand up and accept. Accept who we are, accept who others are, accpet life as it is. Life is always okay and we are always okay. It is okay to cry, it is okay to scream into a pillow. It's all okay. Things will always be okay. 

YOU will always be okay.

If life feels painful ask yourself, "What in my life or about myself feels troubling?" Then go on further and ask yourself, "What about my life or myself can I shift so that I can accpet this person, place or thing?"

Notice who is answering the questions you ask. Are you running your questions through what your friends and family would think? What if you were the only person in the world?  Would your answers be the same?

After you have done these exercises, look at your answers and see how they feel in your body. Go to your heart and feel the moment with unbounded awareness.
The answers are always in our bodies and often they reside in our hearts. Make daily contact with your heart by sitting and picturing a beautiful green light in your chest.  Picture white light shining in on it, cleansing it, awakening it.
Use your heart in those quiet moments as your guide post.

This is where your AUTHENTICITY and your POWER lives.

published in Agni Unplugged - the eZine for Living with the lights on (May 2008)

Noticing Your Impact on the World

How much are you paying attention to how you impact other people? Do you realize how powerful you are?

Everything we say, do and think is recorded somewhere. The Universe has a perfect accounting system where nothing goes unnoticed. EVERYTHING has an impact somewhere no matter how large or how small because there is ALWAYS an energy exchange.

The impact can be on people we come into contact with, animals, places and the enviroment. There does not need to be a physical act for impact to occur. Anything and everything we connect with through action, thought or prayer is heard and recieved.

I ask you to pay close attention to your thoughts about people, places and things.  If you are thinking negative thoughts, try sending gold, white or pink light to whatever it is you are feeling negatively about. Then make positive statements out loud or in your head. Even if you do not believe it, you will shift the energy enough to stop it from draining you and from having a negative impact on others.

Be mindful of your thoughts, actions and reactions and understand that you have the power to make huge shifts for the better simply by paying close attention to your energy, your thoughts and your impact.  

published in Agni Unplugged - the eZine for Living with the lights on (June 2008)

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